Our company was founded in the early 1920,s by Maria Angiolina Martini, the grandmother of the current owner, it resides in Vasia, a characteristic village in the west of Liguria situated in a position which is particularly favorable for the maturation of the variety of “ taggiasca” olives.

Frantoio Ranoisio Ettore

The Ranoisio oil mill works with open doors permitting the customer to buy the product whilst assisting the working process.

Frantoio Ranoisio Ettore Frantoio Ranoisio Ettore
Frantoio Ranoisio Ettore

In the past the olives were worked in “Colombina mill stone whereas now we use the latest generation of oil mill which permits an excellent cold pressing, improves conditions of hygiene and supplies a more pure product. The latter of the unmistakable taste and veiled appearance of pale yellow is Ranoisio extra virgin Taggiasca olive oil.

Frantoio Ranoisio Ettore

Our oil is of limited production and cannot be found on the market. Our company passes it on from generation to generation and thanks to our experience in processing and tasting of the oil we can bring a genuine and high quality product to the table of the customer.